Register now for free Digital POWRR Workshops

The Association of Hawaiʻi Archivists is hosting two free Preserving (Digital) Objects With Restricted Resources workshops led by the Digital POWRR Project.

Oʻahu: November 15, UH Mānoa, Hamilton Library, Room 306, 9am-4pm

Hawaiʻi Island: November 18, Kailua-Kona, HI, UH Palamanui, Room A102, 9am-4pm

Register here for Oʻahu:…
Register here for Kona:…

Travel Scholarships Available: To help support travel for workshop participants from neighbor islands, the POWRR project will provide scholarships for up to $300 each for nine awardees to attend. Please apply here:
Deadline: Oct. 15.

Questions?: Contact Eleanor Kleiber (, Joy Holland ( or Annie Thomas (


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