AHA 2021 Annual Meeting

AHAMeeting2021Conference: Beyond Resilience

Join us Saturday, February 13th, online via Zoom for the Association of Hawaiʻi Archivists’ 2020 Annual Meeting ‘Beyond Resilience.’

This past year each of us has heard call after call asking for our ‘resilience’ in the face of the world’s multiple crises. With the theme ‘Beyond Resilience,’ the 2021 AHA Annual Meeting examines what comes before or after ‘resilience,’ what lies beneath or beside it, how we move with or against it, those to whom we owe our capacities for resilience, and those for whom we endure. 

The all-day conference is free; check back for more details on the schedule and presenters.

Business Meeting

The 2021 AHA Business Meeting will take place at 11am on February 13th as a special session of ‘Beyond Resilience.’  Any and all may attend the Business meeting–which has a separate registration–but only AHA members in good standing may vote.