Got stories/tips to share about Kalaupapa/Molokai?

Have you hiked the trail to Kalaupapa?
What memories do you have of the settlement?
Our visit to Kalaupapa coincides with Barge Day on Saturday, July 16. What’s it like?
Do you have favorite sites to visit topside?
Share your stories and tips with us by posting a comment to this blog!


  1. “Barge Day is a cross between Christmas and Super Bowl Sunday – community celebration, field day and spectator sport – where nearly everyone gathers on the steps of the settlement’s store to see who’s getting what.” from Mike Leidemann in the Honolulu Advertiser, 7 Aug 2003.

  2. Anwei Skinsnes Law’s Father Damien-: a bit of taro, a piece of fish, and a glass of water, available at most libraries, is helpful for settlement history & people, and shows a lot of archival resources.
    Also, check Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa web site for insights to current efforts to restore family ties

  3. Celeste Ohta suggests
    1. Yesterday at Kalaupapa, a photographic history by Emmett Cahill, 1994
    2. No Footprints in the Sand – A Memoir of Kalaupapa by Henry Kalalahilimoku Nalaielua & Sally-Jo Keala-o-anuenue Bowman
    3. The National Parks has a bibliography listed on their website
    4. Molokai The Story of Father Damien, directed by Paul Cox, 1999 (Belgium)

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